Clients span a range of sectors including professional services,
consumer products, tax, law, non-profit and academia.

Roger-HD-Head-ShotRoger Martin
Premier’s Chair in Productivity & Competitiveness and Director of the Martin Prosperity Institute at the Rotman School of Management
Former Dean, Rotman School of Management
Bestselling Author

“I owe Wendy a big debt of gratitude. I speak to large crowds quite regularly, and I used to race through my speeches. Now I am comfortable pausing and slowing things down – it improves my focus, while giving the audience time to digest my messages. I recommend Wendy to anyone who wants to get better at engaging audiences. She’s terrific – an expert and fun to work with; she helped me a lot!”

Maher_Mary-Lou_InternalMary Lou Maher
KPMG GTA, Business Unit Leader, GTA Audit
KPMG Canada, Chief Inclusion Officer, Former CAO and CFO

“Wendy’s focus, combined with a disarming and personable approach, makes it easy to learn and get better. She has helped me analyze my audiences to truly understand what will resonate and persuade. Rehearsing with Wendy has also helped me to connect more with my audiences, and achieve results. I have recommended Wendy on a number of occasions – and will continue to – for improving formal presentations and boosting boardroom presence.”

Tony Arrell
Chairman, Burgundy Asset Management Ltd.

“I’ve known Wendy Chong for 20 years and she has been a real delight to work with.  She has been very effective at helping me with public speaking and I cannot recommend her and her services enough.”

BrookmanGlenGlen Brookman
KPMG Canada, Chief Information Officer

“Working with Wendy reminded me of the importance and value of continually refining and updating our skills, even at the executive level. She both firmly and professionally moved me out of my comfort zone to attain the results I was after.

Wendy helped me prepare for a critical and strategic board presentation; it went well, which had considerable impact on how I have been able to lead a project for offices in Canada, US and Latin America. It felt like I was working with the “Wolf”* of presentation skills.”

*The Wolf is a reference to Harvey Keitel’s character in Pulp Fiction

Jamie Coulter headshotJamie Coulter
Senior Vice President, Branch Manager, Private Client Group, Raymond James Ltd.

“I engaged Wendy to help me prepare for a big client event in May of 2016. Wendy and I worked intensively through three separate 2-hour sessions to (1) hone my presentation skills and (2) craft a compelling presentation for our event. Initially, I found the prospect of watching myself on video daunting but Wendy quickly put me at ease. Her feedback was sequenced in such a way that each session built on the previous one. The culmination of our hard work was an engaging speech in front of 250+ people which received lots of positive reviews. I’m thankful for all of Wendy’s assistance in preparing me for that event and look forward to working with her again. ”

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”
– Maya Angelou