Clients span a range of sectors including professional services,
consumer products, tax, law, non-profit and academia.

Roger-HD-Head-ShotRoger Martin
Premier’s Chair in Productivity & Competitiveness and Director of the Martin Prosperity Institute at the Rotman School of Management
Former Dean, Rotman School of Management
Bestselling Author

“I owe Wendy a big debt of gratitude. I speak to large crowds quite regularly, and I used to race through my speeches. Now I am comfortable pausing and slowing things down – it improves my focus, while giving the audience time to digest my messages. I recommend Wendy to anyone who wants to get better at engaging audiences. She’s terrific – an expert and fun to work with; she helped me a lot!”

Maher_Mary-Lou_InternalMary Lou Maher
KPMG Canada, Managing Partner Quality and Risk
KPMG Global, Head of Inclusion and Diversity 

“Wendy’s focus, combined with a disarming and personable approach, makes it easy to learn and get better. She has helped me analyze my audiences to truly understand what will resonate and persuade. Rehearsing with Wendy has also helped me to connect more with my audiences, and achieve results. I have recommended Wendy on a number of occasions – and will continue to – for improving formal presentations and boosting boardroom presence.”

Tony Arrell
Chairman, Burgundy Asset Management Ltd.

“I’ve known Wendy Chong for 20 years and she has been a real delight to work with.  She has been very effective at helping me with public speaking and I cannot recommend her and her services enough.”

BrookmanGlenGlen Brookman
KPMG Canada, Chief Information Officer

“Working with Wendy reminded me of the importance and value of continually refining and updating our skills, even at the executive level. She both firmly and professionally moved me out of my comfort zone to attain the results I was after.

Wendy helped me prepare for a critical and strategic board presentation; it went well, which had considerable impact on how I have been able to lead a project for offices in Canada, US and Latin America. It felt like I was working with the “Wolf”* of presentation skills.”

*The Wolf is a reference to Harvey Keitel’s character in Pulp Fiction

Jamie Coulter headshotJamie Coulter
Senior Vice President, Branch Manager, Private Client Group, Raymond James Ltd.

“I engaged Wendy to help me prepare for a big client event in May of 2016. Wendy and I worked intensively through three separate 2-hour sessions to (1) hone my presentation skills and (2) craft a compelling presentation for our event. Initially, I found the prospect of watching myself on video daunting but Wendy quickly put me at ease. Her feedback was sequenced in such a way that each session built on the previous one. The culmination of our hard work was an engaging speech in front of 250+ people which received lots of positive reviews. I’m thankful for all of Wendy’s assistance in preparing me for that event and look forward to working with her again. ”

Christina Sorbara headshotChristina Sorbara
Director, Corporate Knowledge, Sorbara Group of Companies

“I have been fortunate enough to work with Wendy and have achieved noticeable success with her guidance. She has helped me unlock a new level of confidence and awareness with my speaking and presentation skills.

I’ve known Wendy for years and she consistently brings the same things to the table: intelligence, integrity, energy and a true desire and ability to help me achieve my goals.

Wendy has a unique ability to listen intently and offer meaningful adjustments and suggestions. The calm, confident and safe environment she establishes with her clients allows them to open up, practice and fine-tune their approach.

Even when the ideas or concepts are vague or cloudy, Wendy is able to decipher the meaning and effectively articulate a direction. I have achieved sustainable change through our work together. ”

Anne Maggisano headshot
Anne Maggisano
Vice President, Burgundy Asset Management

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could deliver a speech to an audience of 800 clients without notes! Wendy planted the seed and got me there, fast. Her positively infectious ‘can-do’ attitude and highly effective coaching strategies gave me the tools and confidence I needed to show up and deliver on game day.

Wendy is a master in the art of communication. She taught me how to ground my words, tone, gestures, expression and posture in something real and personally meaningful. In this way, she taught me how to communicate with impact.”

Chris Welsh headshotChris Welsh
Chief Executive Officer, Drake International

“As a first time CEO, and the new leader of Canada’s oldest staffing firm I felt a great deal of pressure to improve the impact of my communications. I had to be able to communicate and gain approval for my new vision for the company from the Founding Chairman; make it inspirational and actionable for our team, and inspire confidence from our current and future clients.

Having worked with Wendy in my past role; I immediately reached out to her for assistance. She spent multiple sessions with me to gain clarity on the needs of each stakeholder group so that I was able to deliver a focused and powerful message. Six months into the role, we are making huge changes to an established business; while increasing revenues and lowering costs. I attribute this success to the work that Wendy did in helping me become a better communicator.

Wendy is a fantastic coach for anybody whose success is dependent upon the ability to communicate and inspire.”

Doug Winslow headshotDoug Winslow, CFA
Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Burgundy Asset Management

“Wendy is really an all-encompassing coach with public speaking. Her help ranges from content refinements and messaging, to presence, poise and delivery. She keeps you focused on what is important: what is best for the audience. Her pleasant personality and working style makes practicing easy. I highly recommend Wendy for anyone trying to deliver a more impactful, engaging speech. Her help was the difference maker.”

Debbie Lai headshotDebbie Lai
Vice President, Category Management, Rexall Pharmacy Group Ltd.

“Wendy was exactly what I needed to tackle my first industry conference presentation. Wendy’s approach is honest, fun and exceptionally effective. Rehearsing with Wendy was intimidating at first but she is very positive with her feedback – she knows exactly how to help you undo your bad habits and replace it with positive habits. I am now more confident taking on presentations knowing how to better connect with my audiences to more effectively get my messages across. I also apply everything I learned from Wendy with my day-to-day meetings, internal presentations & vendor meetings – Wendy has helped me improve my overall executive presence. I strongly recommend Wendy’s coaching to elevate your executive presence & effectiveness!”

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”
– Maya Angelou